Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deals of the Day

Another day, another great luxury travel deal. What else is new?
Actually, today we've got a few new offers for you...from a fantastic March '09 rate in SFO to incredible intro pricing at new properties in Ixtapa and Capetown. Book any of these deals through Elite Travel International and extra-VIP service is always guaranteed.

If you've got business to do in San Francisco, you won't find a better deal than the $259 deluxe room rate being offered at Campton Place, a Taj Hotel (pictured) through the end of March. In addition to more than 50 percent in savings, the "Corporate Business Package" includes a welcome drink on arrival, daily breakfast, one suit pressed at no charge, and complimentary house car service in the morning. The rate is based on a minimum two-night stay.

At the brand new, 91-room One & Only Cape Town opening April 3, those who book a stay between opening day and end of September will enjoy two complimentary spa treatments, and a bottle of Cape Estate Wine. The Grand Opening special also allows up to two children to stay for free with parents (a three-night minimum stay is required).

And in Ixtapa, Mexico, where Capella Hotels & Resorts recently opened a stunning property, introductory rates of $350/night have been extended through mid-October. The brainchild of Horste Schultze, founder of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Capella Ixtapa Resort and Spa is the ideal spot for a romantic escape, a relaxing stress-free honeymoon or long weekend getaway.
For more information on these and many other luxury hotel deals, contact The EliteTravelGal via email at or phone at 310.979.9036.


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