Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why Travel Solo?

No matter how many single friends you have, there's no guarantee your schedules and budgets will jibe when it comes vacation time. No worries and no need to travel solo. Elite Singles Travel, a new division of Elite Travel International, is catering to the single (and newly single) market with upscale single trips like a 7-day Mediterranean Crystal Cruise in June, a 4-night spa trip to Canyon Ranch in August, a Best of Sydney trip in September, and a wine-themed trip to Argentina this fall. Future trips may include an African safari, a Costa Rica adventure, yoga-themed trips to Bali, Mexico & beyond, biking in Tuscany and more.

Elite Singles Travel bills itself as the "anti-Club Med" and is not a matchmaking service. Instead, its offerings are geared towards the sophisticated solo traveler who simply prefers not to dine alone in a foreign country!

"I started this company with my former girlfiend as we traveled all over the world together and neither of us wanted to give up traveling, but we also didn't want to travel alone," says Elite Singles Travel co-founder, Donald Gorbach. "I know there are a lot of other upscale singles who share my desire to see the world, but prefer not to do so alone."

The company is in the process of launching a website that will detail upcoming trips and invite suggestions for future trips. In the meantime, for more information about Elite Singles Travel or to reserve a spot on the upcoming June cruise from Rome to Barcelona email or call 888.958.9744.


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