Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blackberry Addicts Unite...

I knew I'd met my match when I came across someone on a recent trip as addicted to his blackberry as I am to mine. Anyone who knows me on a business or personal level knows my blackberry is simply my lifeline. It's my digital rolodex, my mobile email access, and my main communication tool to clients, friends and family worldwide...something essential for someone who travels internationally as frequently as I do. It allows me to conduct business wherever I am in the world, be it an airport awaiting a flight or in the middle of the Med on a luxury cruise. To me, being able to communicate with my clients while I am on the road previewing hot new properties and familiarizing myself with destinations is just as important as being able to do so from my home office in LA.

Thus, it was beyond refreshing to meet a like-minded business owner who travels frequently in order to stay on top of the latest trends and the newest luxury products...all the while using his blackberry to stay in touch with his home office in Manhattan and clients worldwide.

The blackberry addiction was just the first of many things we discovered we had in common...with the consistent theme being our shared desire to offer a high level of personal service to high-end clients who demand accessibility, expertise and value from the people they choose to trust with their travel plans. Rather than continuing to go it alone on opposite coasts, we've formed an innovative new alliance that allows us to combine our strengths & work together to grow our respective businesses in both NYC and LA.

Stay tuned for lots more news on the affiliation of LA-based Elite Travel International with NYC-based SmartFlyer, as our partnership translates to THE one-stop go-to luxury travel firm for business and leisure travelers worldwide.

For more details, contact or Please follow both of us on twitter at @elitetravelgal & @mrsmartflyer as we'll be sharing exclusive news & details of our alliance on twitter in the days to come!