Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Twitter/Travel Success Story

If you don't yet believe in the power of social media, especially Twitter, perhaps this story of how Twitter works for small business will change your mind. One of the first emails I received yesterday was from a gentleman requesting assistance with planning his honeymoon. Not just any honeymoon, mind you, but a five-star, first-class honeymoon. He started his email like this: "Social Media led me to your website. Thank Twitter."

A day later, he is reviewing two proposals I sent him and we will be chatting later today to finalize plans for his fabulous December honeymoon, inclusive of first-class flights and a week's stay at one of the top Caribbean resorts.

Back to yesterday: Around 2 pm (or 11 pm in Italy) I received an URGENT "Direct Message" (or DM) from a fellow "twitterer" on holiday in Italy. She is one of my 4,300+ followers, and was reaching out to see if I might be able to help her find a villa on gorgeous Lake Como (pictured above!)...for a week, starting today!!! Seems she booked into an apartment and was horrified upon arrival to find it was not as expected. Even though it was late at night, I was able to reach my top local contact via email, put the two of them in touch and woke up this morning to an email from my follower thanking me for "saving the day, and the holiday." They are now esconced in a beautiful lakeview villa w/private pool, and it's all because of the power of Twitter.

So...the moral of the story is, if you're not yet engaged with your potential customers on Twitter, why not? (As an aside, stay tuned for more news from my sister company, Social Media Mavens...specializing in social media strategy for hotels & travel companies).

For more details on how Social Media Mavens can assist with YOUR Social Media Success, contact For more details on how EliteTravelGal can help with your luxury travel plans, email or call 310 979 9036. And be sure to follow us on Twitter at and


  1. Great story. If you are a recognized leader in your field and have a following on Twitter, people can easily reach out to you directly. You are actually helping people and in turn generating business - instead of just blasting sales messages. There is definitely a good message about the proper use of social media there.
    Well Done.


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