Monday, August 3, 2009

A Return to Virtuoso

A funny thing happened last week. I woke up on Monday and felt the need for change. Now, I've had this feeling before--it's why I've lived & worked in DC, twice in NYC, in Florida and am now calling LA home for the 2nd time. When I get this "need for change" feeling, I know it's time to move up and move on...and so I did. I called up my friend who runs a terrific, high-end, largely entertainment-focused travel agency in the Valley and told her I wanted to have lunch. So we did. And two days later, I made the decision to affiliate with her agency (Third Millennium Travel), marking my return to the Virtuoso network after an 8-month hiatus.

Here are just a few reasons why I decided it was time for a change:

Virtuoso is comprised of the top 1 percent of US travel agencies

Clients of Virtuoso-affiliated agencies are given top priority at top hotels worldwide--this translates to priority upgrades, special amenities/perks and VIP treatment
On luxury cruises worldwide, clients are offered a choice of complimentary shore excursions, on board credit or pre-paid gratuities

Virtuoso is rolling out an amazing new website for its members, putting contact details for luxury suppliers worldwide at my fingertips (we all know, it's who you know right?). The same site, Composer, will also enable us to search super-fast for the best itinerary/product offerings for our clients.

Most importantly, as a luxury boutique travel firm that prides itself on personal service and attention to detail, we love the idea of being affiliated with not only a host agency but a network of luxury agencies that does the same.

As a Virtuoso agency, we can now offer our clients guaranteed upgrades, at time of booking, at dozens of luxury hotels (including: The Peninsula Beijing, Raffles Hotel, Hotel Le Bristol in Paris, Fairmont Whistler, Four Seasons Dublin, Gleneagles Hotel, Montage Hotels in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, The Breakers & The St. Regis NY).

The annual Virtuoso TravelMart is just 2 weeks away. Now that our affiliation is official, we'll be there, meeting with hundreds of luxury travel suppliers learning what's hot & what's new around the globe. We'll also be further building our strong relationships with the industry executives with whom we partner to ensure our clients always enjoy the best travel experience...wherever they are in the world.

For more information on Virtuoso and how our affiliation can benefit you on future travels, contact or call 310.979.9036.


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